Jet Ski Rental Information for Lake Powell. Lake Powell Jet Ski Rental. Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful and majestic lakes on Earth. From its 500 ft high canyon walls to its sandy beaches, the blue-green water invites you to explore and play. There is no better way to explore the lake than on one of our three passenger 4-STROKE Kawasaki Jet Skis. 1) No messy 2 stroke oil. With our 4-STROKE you only need to fill it with REGULAR UNLEADED 87 octane gas. 2) Smoke Free Ride. Because there is no 2 stroke oil to burn. 3) Our 4-STROKE engines are up to 40% more fuel efficent than a traditional 2-stroke engine. 4) More low end torque. Our 4-STROKE engine is better suited for skiing and tubing. 5) Much more quiet than a 2 stroke engine. You and your neighbors will appreciate how quiet our engines are. 6) Lower emmissions. Our engines have the industries best “ULTRA LOW” emmissions rating. Jet Ski Rental Information for Lake Powell. Lake Powell Jet Ski Rental.

Important Message from Wildcat Watersports!

Hello Loyal and New Renters,
After years of renting Jet Skis on Lake Powell, we've decided to sell our rental fleet. We have been blessed with our recently adopted children and feel the strong need to simplify our lives… this allows us to do that.

We sold our rental fleet to a very nice, local couple that have been renting watercraft for much longer than we have. Their names are Rick & Tresa Loukota and their business is H2O-Zone.

They will take great care of your needs and I know they will exceed your expectations!

Existing Reservations:
I have given Rick & Tresa detailed information about each reservation previously made. They look forward to meeting each of you and are honoring these reservations at our agreed upon rate. If you have any questions please give them a call at (928) 645-3121 or email

Thank you for your many years of patronage!
It has been our pleasure to serve you.

We apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and understanding.